Womens Golf Clubs – Factors That Matter

Womens Golf Clubs For You

Womens golf clubs are naturally different than those that men use. However, a female golfer is by no means limited to using these clubs if the set don’t match the player’s style and technique. Just like men’s golf clubs, there are different factors that matter for women’s golf gear. This article aims to provide three important factors, so as for women to find the best types of clubs they can use.

Length Any golfer should be comfortable in their swings. This means that the length of the golf club’s shaft should be just right to assume the swinging form. Factors to be taken into consideration include the player’s height and wingspan. With the golfer’s hands on the club handle, and the head of the club just about an inch above ground level, the arch of the back should create somewhere between a seventy to eighty five angle. If your legs and torso create a smaller angle, you will have back pains. At any rate, the club should be just the right length for you to swing without having to stoop too low.

Weight of the Head One of the techniques in golf is that the downswing isn’t forced until the last moment. This means you just have to let gravity take its course, and add a little effort just a split second before the head hits the ball. That being said, you can try to opt for a heavier club head if you are struggling with driving range. As long as you can control the arc of your downswing, you can let a heavier club head give you that extra force. This also works if you are having trouble being accurate with controlling your full downswing. Conversely, if you have the force but you have trouble controlling your downswing, you can opt for a lighter club head to control it and just exert the force at the last moment.

Loft The loft is the angle that of the club head in relation to the ground. The higher the angle of the loft, the more arching your shot will be. That being said, you will have to choose between a higher angle and a farther shot. As a golfer, it will be your job to make decisions, such as when you will need to let the wind take your ball farther and whatnot.

As you may have noticed, the things that matter don’t differ much between men’s and womens golf clubs. It’s all the same. As a matter of fact, some women use men’s golf clubs and are pretty good with it. Sometimes, it’s best to stick with what you know and are comfortable with. If you’re comfortable with a golf club made for men, then you don’t have to get all girly at all.

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