Q&A: Nike Golf Club Fitting at The “Oven”

Q&A: Nike Golf Club Fitting at The

Q&A: Nike Golf Club Fitting at The “Oven”-Nike Golf “Oven” Fort Worth Facility Host- Matt Plumb, answers questions about how Nike Golf approaches golf club fitting and more. Visit Sandbox8.com for more information.

Nike gave golf clubs and fit all of those who donated and played in the Dan Orlovsky Foundation Golf Tournament. Nike’s pros offered tips on how to pick out the right clubs, something that can make a big difference in your game. To find out more about the Dan Orlovsky Foundation log onto: danorlovskyfoundation . org . Keep up with our developments on our website (presspasstv.com) and our stories here on youtube by clicking the little blue “presspass” just above this info. Thanks for watching and any comments/feedback!

26 thoughts on “Q&A: Nike Golf Club Fitting at The “Oven”

  1. FullTimeHypocrite

    you can always reshaft them but this costs money, I had? 3 clubs reshafted = 200Euro
    but totally worth it: mac gregor wedge, old school 3 wood, taylormade 300 ti <3

  2. duecejoes

    LOL 2:34 he says “anything too whippy your just going? to slice it to the right” WRONG!

    Too whippy equals HOOKS my friend.

  3. The88Nomad

    That guy! @ 1:20 and 1:37 seems to be? lifting himself a little up when ever he hits the ball…so much of his power is being wasted!

  4. The88Nomad

    That guy! @ 1:20 and 1:37 seems to be lifting himself a little up when ever he hits the balls…so much of his power is being? wasted!

  5. The88Nomad

    That guy! @ 1:20 seems to be lifting himself a? little up when ever he hits the balls…so much of his power is being wasted!

  6. TexasGolfDude

    Hey MiuraUU,
    You know nothing about golf. When i first got this club i slept with it for 2 nights in a row and didnt take the head cover off not once. This is by far the best club i have ever hit and i highly reccomend it. For all the young guys who get this club i reccomend the regular shaft and for guys 20+ i reccomend stiff shaft. 45+? regular. GO SASQUATCH!

  7. mikeofholdem

    If I have stiff flex golf clubs and found out that it doesn’t work for me, do I have to? buy new clubs or can I get the flex “fixed” without buying new clubs?

  8. Osirisk8ter12

    tiger woods could hit a stick 200 yards and? they probubly get payed so much so they use it on the PGA tour cause everyone thinks just like you if Tigers uses it, it has to be good

  9. MiuraUU

    these peps have no? idea what custom fitting is its so freaking sad..just give people shit to get some ca$h

  10. bumblesbounce54321

    i know, i was just telling this? guy because he was being stupid. i use the tour model too and couldn’t be happier with it

  11. bovinepuller20hb

    tiger uses the sasquatch tour, the first tour model, its not a sumo, and it is not for hacks, although i dont have one, it is a fairly? nice club, its just lacking the weight, not enough feel in my opinion.

  12. drummeryan337

    I just bought a Nike Sasquatch SUMO off of eBay last night. But I have a question… The item I bought didn’t say Nike Sasquatch SUMO 5900… so does that mean I bought? the older version?

  13. oneinchbunnyhop

    no disrespect bradbajc but do you actually golf, because if you swing a shaft that is not adequete for your speed, ie shaft is to soft the face is left open at impact resulting in slice. it is possible to hook it but majority? of the time it results in a slice

  14. Timsfriend011

    great video,i’m glad your helping out with the kid’s. Also i’m glad you gave thoes clubs to the? donater’s becouse they deserve it. good for you

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