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3 thoughts on “Taylor Made Golf- R11s Driver Reviews

  1. Mike Reynolds "paztormike"
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Taylormade’s Best Driver in Quite a While!, May 19, 2012
    Mike Reynolds “paztormike” (Marysville WA) –

    This review is from: TaylorMade R11 S Driver

    Let me first say that what works best for one golfer does not always fit another golfer. I’m going to rave about this driver in this review, but what I hope that you take away from this review is that this is without a doubt a high quality club that will suit a lot of players… maybe you.

    Let me also tell you that even though I spent about $400 on this driver, it is a bargain. I set aside $500 about 3 months ago, and for 3 months have been hitting balls at every fitting demo and indoor golf store launch monitor that would do a fitting for me. I tried every driver on the market that I was interested in and compared them to each other. I did this in the evenings after work 2 times per week or so. Over the course of 3 months I hit a lot of balls, made a lot of friends at the golf stores in the area, learned a lot about my golf swing. One golf store was kind of rude to me, even though there was no one else in the store, they seemed bugged that I came in twice and did not purchase anything. But I decided that this kind of money does not grow on trees for me, and I was going to have fun and be informed and satisfied with my purchase. (If you can muster the cash to buy a driver, have a blast going out to try new things and meet new people. You can spend $12 on a terrible movie for a hour and a half, or you can spend the cost of a driver spread over weeks to learn and practice golf.)


    I was not too excited to try Taylormade’s new stuff. I have felt that their marketing is kind of misleading. Seriously, if Dustin Johnson gains 20 yards for every new driver that TM releases he should be hitting the ball 450 yards by now. Their irons are misleading too. A burner 2.0 7 iron is .25 inches longer than a Titleist 6 iron and is the same loft as a Titleist 6 iron, that’s why you hit it so much farther.

    Taylormade was my last resort after falling in love with the Titleist 910D2 and the Ping I20. (Both are good clubs, but I could not dial in the 910 to be as accurate as my Burner, and the I20 just didn’t perform on the course as well as I had hoped.) I had tried Cleveland, Nike, Adams, Callaway stuff too.

    Here is why I chose the R11s over the other club offerings:

    The performance.
    I hit the R11s with the non-tp shaft. The Aldila Rip Phenom 60 as well as I hit anything else. The Ping G20 and the Taylormade RBZ were both as long as the R11s, but neither of those drivers were as consistent or had such a pleasing feel and sound to them. Once I tried the Aldila Phenom 60, I was hitting the ball straighter than I ever have. I attribute the straightness not only to the club, but to the combo of the head and shaft. Having the lighter 60 gram shaft gives me the feel that I wanted. I can feel where the club head is at all times in my swing. This doesn’t happen with the RBZ, the head in that club is lighter and a lighter shaft causes the club to feel like a fly swatter, just too loosey-goosey. The heavier shafts in the RBZ caused me to pull the ball, every time. Feeling the club head gives you the feeling of knowing when to release your hands in your swing. This causes me to be as accurate as possible.

    The club was set up with the 10 gram weight in the heel. Which is supposed to help you turn the ball right to left. When I swapped the weights, I started hitting consistent fades that carried a couple of yards farther but rolled a few yards less. I might leave the 10 gram in the heel through the summer, but swap them out when it gets wet in the winter and I need more carry.

    The Feel and Sound
    I mentioned above that this club feels right to me. With the 60 gram shaft it still feels like there is still power in the head. The feel on center hits is really pleasing to me while you can tell when you hit it off center. It doesn’t feel awful, but you can identify where you hit it on the face by the feel. The sound is more powerful and pleasing than the RBZ which makes a loud ‘toing’ sound. The R11s makes more of a loud ‘thwack’.

    The Look
    I personally did not want a white driver. It seems stylish and gimmicky and normally wouldn’t appeal to me. But there is no doubt that it looks visually cool. I didn’t like the drivers that have black faces and crowns because it just looks like a black blob and doesn’t appeal to me because you can’t define the face clearly enough to have confidence in your aim. The white club head actually really gives you a very defined face aim. The more I hit it, the more I like it. I’m certain that it will look dirty faster. Oh well.

    The Adjust-ability
    I personally would be fine paying as much for a driver that does not have any adjustments. I like my club to set up looking neutral and even though I can be a pretty big geek who likes to tweek things, I probably won’t mess around with it much. I might mess with the loft a little to promote more…

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  2. James R. Cesak
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good as Advertised, can’t say the same about the shipper, May 24, 2012

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: TaylorMade R11 S Driver (Misc.)

    After an extensive search for this club with the shaft I wanted I thought that I found it. I selected stiff, got my 10.5 degree loft, and hit order. Low and behold two days later I get the club and it is the wrong shaft. Fortunately I was able to get an even swap at a local pro-shop (Palos Golf for those of you in IL). For 400 hundred bucks I think the least you can get when you order are the options you requested. The club is 5 stars, it has added distance and accuracy to my drives and looks fantastic.

    The shipper I got it from…1 star. Mess up an order on a 2 dollar item no big deal. Mess up an order on a 400 dollar item then ask for restocking and for me to pay to return it…that is messed up. I’ll never again order golf equipment online because of this experience…I am going to go in to the store and make sure what I ask for is what I get from now on.

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  3. Picky Buyer
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Driver plus correct shaft fitting imperative, December 14, 2012
    Picky Buyer (Midwest) –

    This review is from: TaylorMade R11 S Driver

    I am not one to go after the gimmicky products in golf. When I find something that works I stick with it. I was only looking to tweak my driver to gain an edge in direction and maybe a little more distance. I have gone from the Titleist 910 9.5 with a Speeder shaft tipped, to a Ping Rapture 9 degree with a Pro Launch Stiff shaft. I play a high draw and was averaging 270 off the tee. It got to be that I was having too much draw on the longer shots and when I needed to stay on the right side of a fairway I found it very hard to just hit a stright ball or even attempt a fade. As a fluke I went and demo’d the 911 RS along with a pro. He hooked me up on the computer screens and I had the Titleist, Ping and Taylor Made (yet to be tweaked). After hitting my clubs for a while, we had all the feedback we needed from the original clubs and then started hitting the TM and making adjustments about every 5 swings. What I ended up with was a 10.5 degree which I thought was too much loft for my swing along with the 60 gram shaft. The feel and feedback in my hands is excellent. I am carrying the ball farther (no doubt because of the loft) but now with my hands neutral, I have an automatic baby draw. Moving to a slightly weaker grip I am able to hit a fade whhich seemed impossible prior to this. My average drive is now 288 – 292 and I have ripped quite a few a little over 300. I played in a lot of tournaments this past summer and where there were some forced carries, I had all the confidence in the world of just letting it rip. I thought the white head was too gimmicky for me but after watching the ball flying high down the fairway, I got over it very quick. Being able to try the different shafts to get the launch angles fitted to my own swing was the biggest benefit as it should be with anyone buying a driver. The off the rack shaft had the worst results of any that I hit. Once we found the groove, about 8 out of 10 shots were dead on and the other 2 were close. If you are looking to take your game up a notch and are not looking for a major overhaul, I would find a store with a knowledgeable pro who will spend some time with you to get the right club and shaft for YOUR swing. It took us about an hour and a half tweaking to get it right. I am 60 years old playing to an 8 hcp. and am hitting it as far as I was at 35. You have to love the technology that is out there and take advantage of what is on the market, but you also have to be realistic about your game and know what you are looking for. If you are a 25 handicap, spending $400 on a driver probably isn’t going to help. Spend that money on some lessons and work your way into some clubs to help your game.

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