How Often Should You Change Your Golf Clubs

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49 thoughts on “How Often Should You Change Your Golf Clubs

  1. Brandon Levesque

    My callaway x tour irons forged, Nike blue chip putter, 50 and 58 degree callaway wedges forged, Callaway 3 wood razr x black, taylormade 3 hybrid rescue, callaway FTiz driver is my full set :), no more clubs I plan on buying for a? long time.

  2. Steven Bromage

    ive had the same woods, irons and putter for about 8? years.the only new things i bought was 2 new wedges a few months back.
    i fact im looking at maybe having new shafts in my irons,but not changing the iron head as i like them to much.

  3. golf raven

    2 years awarage – that would mean changing everytime bew model comes out if you just play one specific model. i played Ben Hogans for 7 years before switching to? i20s. not looking to get rid of those for at least 4 years

  4. jeremywiltshire33

    Changing your clubs comes down money and personal preference.? Even tour pros like rickie fowler has a 60deg in his bag since he was in high school and I believe rory has used the same 3 wood for 4 years. So don’t be drawn into the latest and greatest. It’s the golfer that makes the clubs not the clubs make the golfer.

  5. banbambarragan

    Stefan m
    Yes you will get more feedback from blades than cavity backs on good and bad hits. The rest of your questions can only be answered by how talented you are. Best way is to try. I picked up a set of mizuno mp32′s for just £95 a couple of? years ago. Used them for a season and a half then sold (for £120!) and got fitted for a cavity(3-6) and blade(7-P) combo. Only problem is I wish I’d gone for the 5 and 6 as a blade too!!

  6. Stefan M


    Huge fan of your videos!, I have a quick question for you. I have been playing golf for about 5-6 years now and my game has improved significantly. I was wondering when it would be a good idea to switch? to blade irons over my cavity backed ones, I am looking for more feedback from my clubs during my mishits, would a set of blades really take me that long to get used to, and do they really? allow for more and better shot shaping?

    Thanks again!

  7. banbambarragan

    …love to hear which irons have you have used? in your golfing life?- make a great vid :-)
    Keep up the good work, enjoying your putting and fitness vids, good expansion of your video library.

  8. banbambarragan

    Blimey mark-2 year average iron upgrade?! I can only think of one guy I know who beats that average! I’d be surprised if it was less than 5yrs on average tbh. I had 2 different sets in my first 12yrs golfing,? both were 2nd hand. First were an old £30(in 1999) set of Wilson1200 cavity backs, the second,some titleist 990′s(£200/2002), which I stuck with for 9yrs, before trialling a set of mizuno mp32′s (£95/2011) for a year before getting fitted last year for titleist cb/mb combo….

  9. Jerry Lawrence

    I purchased a set of Mizuno jpx 800 hd’s? in the winter after using a 10 year old starter set called bermuda.

  10. harneyzach

    If you go with? an older gently used set of forged irons, you really can’t go wrong.

  11. Andrew Sellitti

    Go with a set of used? game improvement irons. Generally you will want something with a cavity, thicker sole and top line. It inspires confidence looking down at the ball and it will improve forgiveness on off center strikes. Ping G series, Adams A7OS, TaylorMade Burner 2.0′s, Wilson Staff Di11 would be good places to start looking.

  12. theMANxGOLFER

    I’d say the average is closer to 5 years or more. 2 years seems short for most amateurs (majority of golfers).? Take care of your clubs, keep them clean. I would shorten the time period if your game has large transitions (swing speed, ability in general, and youngsters growing up.) Financial reasons become a main contributor as well for most to keep their irons. I’d rather see somebody get fit and love their clubs rather than buying new technology, but to each their own.

  13. Bert

    I’m still using my mizuno mx-23′s from 2004 as long as you keep it the grooves clean and re-grip every season i don’t see why? you would need a new set of irons too often except to appease your inner “bait monkey” as they say in the fishing community.

  14. WizeGFX

    Im off 15 and ive been playing for a year and i carnt aford to buy new clubs and ive had my dunlop irons from my starter set still :(?

  15. Tigerdee27

    I would recommend cast irons for beginners with a thicker sole and pocket cavity because they have a lot of forgiveness and get the ball up well. Comes down to personal choice really you could walk into a golf shop and hit loads of different irons and just get a feel for a particular? set,as a brand I would go with mizuno. Just don’t buy blades if your a beginner lol

  16. Liliana Falcao

    The really great channel you have, channel with amazing tutorials that really helps.

    I have learned? a lot? from? the books as well, my favorite one is called “Simple golf swing” from one of golf guru’s David Nevogt. This book improved my game skills from newbie to advanced in two weeks.

    There is free electronic version of it: gg.gggolfswing

    Thanks again for course.

  17. Gareth Morris

    What would be the best irons set for a beginner? I’ve just got? back into it and want to get an affordable set to help me along. New or used.

  18. jsrscbr

    I’ve tried? them and don’t care for them. Vokey, mizuno, Cleveland, ping are all better.

  19. Noah Branch

    Hey Mark, I’m? fourteen an have been golfing for eight years now and looking to get some new, better irons. What handicap range would you say these are good for or aimed towards?

  20. Joe Morgan

    Mark, I know that many people think the only reason OEMs strengthen the lofts is for more distance, although that is one reason, the main reason is to get the right launch characteristics with so much weight low in the head. I know that if you bent one of those irons a couple degrees weaker they would fly way too high and along with? that they would go a shorter distance. And they also get better marketing because everyone loves to hear that you’ll hit it farther. Sorry for the long comment.

  21. kurt miller

    i hit a 7 iron 165 compared to my I20s that go 145-150.. i was like holy shit! and thats? with real balls too. OUTSIDE also i should add

  22. John Mitchell

    Tend to agree with other posts. A seven iron with a strong loft and long shaft could better be called a six iron. Have the? Di11s which I love but the 7 iron has less loft than my 30 yo 6 iron. Marketing!

  23. gbvoul

    Mark, if you do you’re settling for a worse swing.. Now you know why? the persimmon generation is till contending in majors in their 50s, Watson, Norman, Couples all within the last 6 years.

  24. Side85Winder

    The number printed on the soles by these manafactures means nothing any more i could put a 7 on my 6 iron to! Loft is loft, after that to make it go further? is to add length or swing faster to get more club head speed. Marketing of hyper speed faces might give you 3mph tops in a iron and thats not a lot.
    Jacked up lofts and lengths to make the unknowledgeable golfer think its better is really anoying.

  25. Scott Shields

    Wish club makers would just stamp? the lift on the I’m club and not the number.

  26. Mox_au

    lenf? you have conquered the? golf swing Mr. Xfield but your battle the with the letters T&H continues……haha, I kid ;) nice vid

  27. 3rdgroove

    Take another look: That’s a 7 iron Nike and a 6 iron Mizuno. What I am saying is that Nike basically took? a 6 iron and wrote “7″ on the bottom. And that’s also what TM did with Rocketballz. I am just surprised that Mark while fully being aware of this still feels his ego stroked by this. I guess EVERYBODY wants to hit it longer. Btw, nothing wrong with Nike clubs, just not so keen on the false advertising of club numbers.

  28. puls66

    I think these strong loft and longer shaft irons are good for your confidence.
    Most golfers keep short attacking the green with e.g. the 7iron. They knew, taking a 6 iron would have been the right or better decision. With those? irons they hitting now the “right” distance.
    but it sucks anyway. if you play now with someone who has a “normal” set with the standard loft and length settings you have to tell, i hit a 7 iron but actually it was a 6 iron or almost a 6 iron…

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