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    This is currently my favorite animation DVD., April 22, 2000
    grundle2600 “grundle2600″ (Pittsburgh, PA) –

    This review is from: Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chases (DVD)

    This is the very first DVD of Tom and Jerry cartoons. It has a total of 14 shorts, plus a clip from the movie ANCHOR’S AWAY featuring Jerry doing a dance with Gene Kelly. The 14 cartoons that they included are all excellent. A few Oscar winners are included. All 14 are from the early period when Tom and Jerry were directed by Hanna and Barbera. Most of these are cartoons that I have never seen before. There is quite a bit of violence in these cartoons, and that’s good, because that’s how cartoons are supposed to be! Several of the cartoons have blackface gags, so if you are offended by that kind of thing, then I am letting you know in advance. For example, there’s a scene where Jerry’s face is dipped in shoe polish, and afterwords he has a blackface.

    Unfortunatley, one of the cartoons has been edited! This really ticks me off! In the original version of “The Little Orphan,” a lit candle lands on Tom’s tail. His whole body is burned and turns black. Then the black Tom gets pushed into a cabinet of dishes. But on this DVD, the entire part where Tom is black has been deleted. This really Ticks me off! It’s bad enough that they edit the cartoons when they play them on TV, but to edit them on a DVD is beyond ridiculous. Actually, I knew that the DVD was edited even before I bought it, but I bought it anyway because I love these cartoons! But still I don’t understand why they edited it. I own plenty of R-rated movies with content that some people might view as being “offensive,” but none of those are edited. So I guess some people think that a cartoon is somehow more offensive than an R-rated movie.

    Well, despite this one flaw, this is an excellent DVD. The other 13 cartoons are all complete and uncut. The picture and sound quality is absolutely amazing. There’s this one cartoon where Jerry is on top of a skyscaper in New York City, and he’s hanging over the edge and when they show the moving traffic down below I almost got dizzy looking at it. All those itty bitty cars show up so clear on my TV screen. They really did a good job with the picture and sound here. Also it’s nice to be able to watch these cartoons without any of those stupid network TV logos on the screen.

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  2. Anonymous
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    This DVD is *almost* perfect., April 7, 2000
    By A Customer
    This review is from: Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chases (DVD)

    I am a huge fan of classic (i.e., before 1970) cartoons. In the current absence of Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies DVDs, this Tom and Jerry DVD is my favorite currently existing animation DVD.

    First, this DVD contains 13 complete and uncut classic Tom and Jerry cartoons. The selection of cartoons is very good. They have lots of action and are very well written. The quality of the picture is superb. They did a very good job of mastering these 13 cartoons. If you are a Tom and Jerry fan then you will be very pleased with these 13 cartoons.

    Also included is a clip from the movie ANCHOR’S AWAY featuring Jerry dancing with Gene Kelly. I consider this to be a very nice bonus feature.

    This DVD is *almost* perfect. However, there is one flaw. Specificallly, the cartoon “The Little Orphan” has been edited. In the original cartoon, after a candle lands on Tom’s tail, Tom turns black. Then the little mouse throws a champagne bottle at the black Tom, and the black Tom is pushed into a cabinet of dishes. All of this part has been edited out of this cartoon on this DVD.

    It’s really terrible that they would remove part of the cartoon. I paid for the cartoon, and I deserve to get what I paid for.

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  3. Anonymous
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    The Right Episode Order, May 6, 2005
    A Kid’s Review
    This review is from: Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chases (DVD)

    If your smart,you should know that the episodes are not put in the order ,they are put in this order:
    The Yankee Doodle Mouse(1943)
    Solid Serenade(1945)
    Tee For Two(1944)
    Mouse In Manhattan(1945)
    The Zoot Cat(1943)
    Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Mouse(1947)
    The Cat Concerto(1946)
    The Little Orpahn(1848)
    Salt Water Tabby1947)
    Kitty Foiled(1947)
    Johann Mouse(1952)
    Jerry’s Diary(1949)
    Jerry And The Lion(1949)
    Mice Follies(1954)

    My favorite episode on this DVD is “The Little Orphan”(1948),
    because it takes place in thanksgiving and it has a thanksgiving turkey(liking lips),but best of all,it features the little toddler mouse,Nibbles!
    The oscar winnersincluded are:
    The Yankke Doodle Mouse(1943)
    The Cat Concerto(1947)
    The Little Orphan(1948)
    Johann Mouse(1952)

    The oscar winners that are not included are:
    Mouse Trouble(1944)(which was included on Tom And Jerry’s 50th Birthday Classics 3)
    Quiet Please(1945)
    The Two Mouseketeers(1951)(which was included on “Whiskers Away”)

    If you want a combilation of award winning shorts,buy this one.

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