Nike VR Pro Combo Forged Golf Irons (2014)

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16 thoughts on “Nike VR Pro Combo Forged Golf Irons (2014)

  1. ReysBoomBoomRoom11

    Thanks for making this video, I would have never hit these clubs had I not
    scene this. They were not even on my radar. I was actually looking to
    purchase a set of Taylor Made tp MCs, and the day I was going to pick them
    up, I hit these at the retailer just to do it. WOW. Everything you said
    here I found to be true. VERY easy to hit, no need to try to get the ball
    in the air, the clubs does it for you just swing your natural swing. The
    fitter and I were both shocked, he hadn’t sold any of those, until that
    day. I bought them and 3 weeks later Im in love with feel, the launch,
    sound, the look, that top line at address. Cant wait for farm weather to
    get the real distances. Thanks.?

  2. Lyle W

    good clubs for a mid – low handicap. any vids on gear for mid – high
    handicap? enjoying your vids very much. thanks for making them.?

  3. dishyduckie

    Loving the videos, new to your channel. Any chance of a match up of these
    pro combos and mp 69. Thanks :)?

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