How to prevent from buying fake golf clubs! Must see…

Counterfeit clubs are becoming more cosmetically indistinguishable than ever from their originals. is an Authorized Retailer for every product we…
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20 thoughts on “How to prevent from buying fake golf clubs! Must see…

  1. Sean Fitzgerald

    ClLONES RULE! To all of the doubters out there. I just found an awesome
    website -holeinonegolfclubs – (Still in progress of being built but they
    are open for business) where I purchased a full set of Taylor Made Stage 2
    Rocketballz driver and Rocketbladez style clones. They custom fitted all to
    my exact measurments and they came out awesome. I played last season with
    Rocketballz Max Irons and I still use them. With the custom fitting, Clones
    fitted for me better then the real Taylormade.

  2. Asone82

    The fake ones are going to be a lot cheaper. I bought a Titliest D10 driver
    clone, the head itself wasn’t bad but the whole club felt terrible, heavy
    as crap the swingweight was D8 and obviously the shaft was inferior which
    is probably the worst thing about a fake. Basically played once and now
    sits in the shed, waste of money.

  3. biazmeister

    Judging by the looks of this review it looks like a counterfeit as well

  4. bobbycratchit

    Maybe if they become more and more indistinguishable? Eventually the
    counterfeit clubs will be better quality.

  5. hitmanzkilz

    guarantee you if i buy a club from one of china’s higher end counterfeit
    black markets. these stupid mother fuckers wouldn’t be able to tell

  6. Jeret H

    buy from a liscensed retailer and none of the too good to be true deals on
    the internet. ebay dangerous, kijiji and craigs list full of them too. if
    you suspect a site report to club makers.

  7. thomaswilliams1977

    Sy by sy I out dri yo ass clone o’ no clone. #learntospeak and I paid far
    less for my set that are just the same

  8. CSYNC99

    From 3ballsgolf / Callaway Callaway Golf has OptiFit club fitting centers
    around the country. These centers used FT-5 components that were
    interchangeable for optimal fitting. Callaway took all these components
    back to their factory, reconditioned and permanently assembled them just
    for us… and you! (These are limited in number, when they’re gone, they’re
    gone!) Notice the shaft bore. Maybe you should double check with Callaway
    before calling these fake.

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