Top 10 Best Golf Courses in US

View our top 10 best golf courses of all time in the United States. Featuring from a classic golf course to exotic golf course, you will find the most beauti…
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Golf Irons Review, Blades or Cavity Back Golf Clubs

iPhone app Mark Crossfield hits two golf clubs to compare how they might help or h…

49 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Golf Courses in US

  1. Bluecrew27

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    golfer. If you could please take a second and just give it a look, I’d
    appreciate it and hey if you enjoy it, please come back! Thanks, site is
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  2. evian330

    Pine Valley Golf Club is the best one in the world, I think. #10′s bunker
    is very hard. By Crump, Colt etc.

  3. korky122

    Woo Merion east. I’ll be there Friday. Traffic is terrible in that area on
    a normal day. Can’t wait to see it fri

  4. Wiprud33

    No Bandon Dunes? This is madness! At least three of the resorts four
    courses should be here!

  5. cam21fr

    the funny thing is, half of these are located within an hour of my house
    because half of the are on long island haha

  6. Joey Caccavale

    Bethpage black should be number one I played there it’s very difficult long

  7. datonstouch

    Augusta is definitely the #1 golf course in America the last 2 weren’t
    every in competition for Augusta whoever made this is definitely wrong tpc
    sawgrass is better then the number 2 spot by far

  8. Scott Johnston

    Riviera and Harbor Town shouldn’t be here. Pacific Dunes, Sand Hills, and
    maybe Friar’s Head should definitely be. Merion and National should be
    higher, and probably should be after hosting the US Open and Walker Cup,

  9. Cody Lewis

    Great list of courses. I’ve been to a few and you’re spot on in selecting
    them for the top ten.

  10. Morgan P Casey

    absolutely pointless video..cavity irons are always going to be more
    forgiving for miss hit shots..he should then make a comparison for shots
    hit out of the middle..then there is no better feeling than with a blade?

  11. Ben Albritton

    This is a great idea for a video. I lose you though because after you hit
    the cavity back it sounds like your trackman says smash factor “1.9″. I am
    not hearing it correctly or something isn’t working right: a smash factor
    of 1.9 is not possible. You are only going to get about a 1.5 smash factor
    with a perfectly struck low lofted driver, and as you work down through the
    irons the smash factor will decrease. This fact is well studied and
    documented. There is no way you are getting a 1.9 smash factor with that
    iron. Either I am mishearing your video or your Trackman needs to be
    calibrated or given repairs. I still say this is a great idea for a video
    because I am very interested to know how the two smash factors would
    compare; the video still leaves me in the dark though because 1.9 is not a
    valid measurement for smash factor so I don’t know what your real smash
    factor was with that cavity back. ?

  12. HKgolfer132

    @4golfonline I am about a 13 handicap and I recently demoed the callaway
    Razr x muscle back 6 iron and I hit it well. I am wondering if my next set
    could be blades (I won’t buy them until next year most likely and my
    handicap will hopefully be lower by then). I am looking for a thin top line
    and great feel. Also I am wondering if there are any ball striking tips
    that you could give to make me an even better ball striker. Thanks

  13. Gabesly

    @mobetter1000 My guess is that they set up square to the ball but the
    natural beginner swing is a fade or slice so its out to in so when the club
    is in then they hit the ball on the toe

  14. ii Pato

    Hi Mark, I’m 16 and a 23 handicapper but I shoot 10,11,12 over I just
    haven’t been cut because I haven’t played many competitions I only have a
    £100 set of lynx irons and I want to get a new set I hit my irons sweetly
    and don’t duff any of my iron shots do you think I should try blades or
    stick to cavity backed clubs? cheers:)

  15. Allen Connor

    @doctorwholol2 A cheap wedge is a Taylormade Rac wedge. got mine and they
    make the ball bite like crazy got mine for 49.99

  16. superscootkid

    right now i use titliest ac108 do you think i could use taylormade mcs. im
    a 30 handicapper but im good at hitting the sweetspot

  17. superscootkid

    right now i use titliest ac108 do you think i could use taylormade mcs or
    mp53. im a 30 handicapper but im good at hitting the sweetspot

  18. JMRTNG

    I have that same thing happen with my Burner 2.0 irons. off the toe, maybe
    loose 10-15% off the club when I do it, but still stays dead straight, but
    sadly no spin left on the ball.

  19. Ben Arsenal

    Hey, i’m looking for a new wegde (56 degree) that’s really durable but has
    quite a bit of spin on it, any suggestions?

  20. ReviewTheSports

    @superscootkid Oh well then you better start working on that! My handicap
    is 13 and i finish with like 18 putts….it bugs me how good i COULD be.

  21. Sladabeast

    @Sheung Shum wrong. Due to the grain flow forging process, you can feel
    every shot and if you hit it in the toe or heel you will feel it more than
    the other brands that you said like titleist or Wilson as mizuno forging is
    done so that you know when you don’t hit it as well, whereas the other
    forging processes don’t have the same kind of feel, so ou won’t feel it as
    much. Therefore, when you hit a mizuno blade badly, it hurts more than if
    you hit a non mizuno blade badly

  22. Matthew Brandl

    Surely blades are more efficient than cavity’s its like hitting in a peg
    with a mallet or a frying pan

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