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A guide to custom fit golf clubs

All the three components of a golf club are important. Each plays its role perfectly; making a golfer a true champion player. If you one of those aspiring new entrants, you must have realized that this sport is not for the faint hearted, at least in terms of money.

Golf as we all know is expensive; however, the good news for a newbie is the availability of cheaper options, such as clones or look alike which are available at affordable price tags. Driver, which is one of the golf components, is no different. These clone drivers although cheap, possess the same technical attributes which its branded cousins have. Today, winning and losing a golf tournament is dependant on how long you can hit the ball. Anything less than 250 yards means the golfer is missing out on the head start.

Steel headed drivers are less expensive. Titanium on the other hand may be expensive but allows manufacturers to offer large club faces. Composite material is yet another option for drivers. These are typically carbon shell with titanium face.

Clones are cheap and offer golfers the same loft angle, large sweet spot, technology and aerodynamics. They are made from high quality composite materials which even branded manufactures use; the only difference being the price.

Custom fit golf clubs provides professionals and regular golfers an avenue to customize various components of a club as per their body statistics. Customizing lowers their handicap even before a shot is played. The reason; custom fitted club invariably enhances the performance of the player. A perfect grip, a shaft which matches the players height and swing and a club head which is forgiving and provides the right trajectory and speed is what a custom golf club typically offers.

A golf club as mentioned above is made of three components; grip, shaft and a club head.

A grip as the name suggests provides the traction and the confidence to swing the club fearlessly. A shaft on the other hand allows golfers to hit the ball farthest; a good shaft produces less after shocks. The rule of the thumb is; longer the shaft greater the distance but less control over the direction. The club head on the other hand actually transfers the energy from the club to the ball. Club heads are available in many loft angles, materials and technologies, each one with its own sets of merits and demerits.

Left handed golf club sets give the player a level playing field. As far as the initial handicap is concerned, he/she is at par with a right handed player.

Monark Golf offers the best quality Custom fit golf clubs like irons, hybrids and woods. They also offer other golf components.

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The Beginner’s Help guide Acquire Used Golf Clubs

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Used golf clubs can often be just as worthwhile a purchase as brand new clubs, and much cheaper. Here’s a video with a few tips for when you’re in the market for used golf clubs.
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