Buying Women Golf Clubs – How to Choose the Right Set

Women’s golf clubs are growing in popularity. Now more than ever, there are a growing number of women golfers taking up the game of golf. Women are now understanding the importance of buying women’s clubs instead of the traditional men’s clubs. Women’s golf clubs have improved dramatically in the last 10 years. They are more lightweight and are shorter in length. The woods are made lighter for faster swing speeds, and the irons are made lighter for ease and control. Most women find seven woods and nine woods are easier to hit, replacing their three and four irons. This is because these woods are normally much easier to hit. You also have the option of using a 3 or 4 hybrid. A hybrid is basically a shorter version of a wood, but has a smaller head. These clubs are being used more and more by golfers.

Are you playing for fun or competition? -So ask yourself do I play recreational and especially for fun? Or will i frequently enter a competition? The answers to these questions are important to learn about your commitment to your play of golf. Because it will help to determine very carefully your special needs, and therfore your specifications and budget. Handicap? – Will you try to reduce your handicap? Take a look at your abilities and talk with a pro about the possibilities and the kind of golf club set you need to achieve your goals. Remember they may have business connections with some manufacturers – that should be a bright idea from his or her point of view, we must admit of course. What will your budget be? – Decide on how much money you are willing to spend on a woman’s golf club set. Take a look at discounted lady golf clubs, to get an impression of the woman’s golf club set prices and the special lady iron sets and wood sets on the net. Things you need to check before you buy a set of women’s golf clubs.

Loft – Is the loft all right for you? High loft will cause high ball flights – you are able to hit the ball easier.
Lie – Is the lie right for you?
Shaft – Do the shafts of the golf set have the right length for you? Does the shaft have the right flexibility suited for you? Women golfers have to focus on this point, often graphite shafts are the right solution for women.
Grip – Is the grip right for you? What kind of material has it been made of? Does it feel right for you? Not too big or too small? Second hand? – Are you considering buying a used golf club set from someone else? Weight the pros and cons. It will be cheaper, but perhaps not.

Compare your wish list – shaft length, shaft flex, the lie angle and the loft of the clubs – with the features of the golf set you can take over. And dont purchase if you have any doubts or hesitate if you get value for money. Buying a discount women’s golf club set is usually cheaper then buying them in a golf shop. One advantage of buying from a golf course is they will let you hit them first. The money you saved you could spend on other golf equipment, apparel, golf shoes, shirts and caps. Compare your personal goals with the information and prices. Test the customer services reviews before your buy a woman golf club set.

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