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Buying Women Golf Clubs – How to Choose the Right Set

Women’s golf clubs are growing in popularity. Now more than ever, there are a growing number of women golfers taking up the game of golf. Women are now understanding the importance of buying women’s clubs instead of the traditional men’s clubs. Women’s golf clubs have improved dramatically in the last 10 years. They are more lightweight and are shorter in length. The woods are made lighter for faster swing speeds, and the irons are made lighter for ease and control. Most women find seven woods and nine woods are easier to hit, replacing their three and four irons. This is because these woods are normally much easier to hit. You also have the option of using a 3 or 4 hybrid. A hybrid is basically a shorter version of a wood, but has a smaller head. These clubs are being used more and more by golfers.

Are you playing for fun or competition? -So ask yourself do I play recreational and especially for fun? Or will i frequently enter a competition? The answers to these questions are important to learn about your commitment to your play of golf. Because it will help to determine very carefully your special needs, and therfore your specifications and budget. Handicap? – Will you try to reduce your handicap? Take a look at your abilities and talk with a pro about the possibilities and the kind of golf club set you need to achieve your goals. Remember they may have business connections with some manufacturers – that should be a bright idea from his or her point of view, we must admit of course. What will your budget be? – Decide on how much money you are willing to spend on a woman’s golf club set. Take a look at discounted lady golf clubs, to get an impression of the woman’s golf club set prices and the special lady iron sets and wood sets on the net. Things you need to check before you buy a set of women’s golf clubs.

Loft – Is the loft all right for you? High loft will cause high ball flights – you are able to hit the ball easier.
Lie – Is the lie right for you?
Shaft – Do the shafts of the golf set have the right length for you? Does the shaft have the right flexibility suited for you? Women golfers have to focus on this point, often graphite shafts are the right solution for women.
Grip – Is the grip right for you? What kind of material has it been made of? Does it feel right for you? Not too big or too small? Second hand? – Are you considering buying a used golf club set from someone else? Weight the pros and cons. It will be cheaper, but perhaps not.

Compare your wish list – shaft length, shaft flex, the lie angle and the loft of the clubs – with the features of the golf set you can take over. And dont purchase if you have any doubts or hesitate if you get value for money. Buying a discount women’s golf club set is usually cheaper then buying them in a golf shop. One advantage of buying from a golf course is they will let you hit them first. The money you saved you could spend on other golf equipment, apparel, golf shoes, shirts and caps. Compare your personal goals with the information and prices. Test the customer services reviews before your buy a woman golf club set.

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Clone Golf Clubs – Top Five Reasons to Choose Clone Golf Clubs For Duffers

Many golfers wish they could afford a new set of clubs. They recognize that with advancing technology clubs made today are easier to hit correctly than older clubs. Playing with these newer clubs would mean more fairways and greens hit, better scores and a lower handicap.

Yet with the price of name brand clubs (some iron sets over $ 1,000 USD) upgrading to new clubs to improve your game is a major investment. Many of us just can not justify that kind of expense every few years. We are left to play our old technology while our playing partners move on to better games with better clubs.

A terrific alternative to name brand clubs is clone clubs. These are clubs made to be similar in design and appearance as the name brands. They offer the golfer an affordable choice when seeking quality playable clubs without making such a huge dent in their wallet.

Here are five reasons why you should seriously consider clone clubs for your next set.

1. They are affordable.

Clone club manufacturers do not have the same advertising, endorsement and research and development expenses. They can and do therefore sell their products for much less. For example an typical name brand iron set with graphite shafts are priced in the $ 800 range while the clone version could be found for less than $ 300.

2. They play just like the name brands.

These clubs are made with the same technology that is used in the name brand clubs. Same specifications. Same center of gravity. Same moment of inertia.  Same everything. Why pay $ 800 to $ 1000 for clubs that will be outdated in a couple of years.

Clone clubs are a better choice because at one third of the price you can more easily afford to upgrade every few years to keep up with the latest in golf technology

3. Custom clubs are high in quality.

Quality can vary between manufacturers. But the best manufacturers produce products with quality aspects similar to the name brands. You can be proud to play with these clubs. The feel and look are impressive right out of the box. Then take them to the range. The hit so beautifully, you know from the feel at impact that you’ve made a great choice.

I have played a set of custom made clubs now for two years without an issue.

4. Clone clubs can be custom fitted

Just like the name brands you have the option to order your clone clubs custom fitted to your body and swing specs.

The best clone manufacturers offer custom built clubs using the industry standard measurement system. Need your irons one degree flat? Easy enough. Want your driver an inch long? You got it. Whatever you requirements clone clubs are available as you need them.

5. Create your own set

You are ordering a custom set.  Want irons from 6 РLW, 3-5 hybrids? You can do it. Configure your set to suit you. No extra clubs to buy. Want a Graffaloy shaft in the woods and a UST in the irons. That is possible. Would a 58 degree sand wedge work better for your game. Order it that way. It is your choice.

With so many reasons that favor clone golf clubs you should seek out the best manufacturers to select your next set. Do you favor Callaway, Titleist or TaylorMade? Maybe you’re a fan of Ping or Nike? Many golfers just love Cobra? Doesn’t matter what your preference might be an affordable clone is available to suit your needs.

Clone golf clubs are a sound decision for the golfer who is price conscious. They give you the look and playability you seek without the price tag of the name brands.

Find your custom fitted clone clubs here: Custom made clone golf clubs


Wayne Hudler is an avid golfer of over 30 years and golf writer.

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